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T-LAND FIRING!!!!    Felipe Pomar (1965 World Surf Champion)

Let World Surfaris get you in the line up at T-land..  HASSLE FREE. Its all about local knowledge!!!

A bit about Rote Island: It is the most southern island of the nusa tengara island chain of Indonesia. It is only 150 miles from the coast of Northern Australia and only a few miles south of West Timor. The island is about 100 kilometers long by 20 km wide. And there are several smaller islands near by. The population is about 60.000 people and they are in the majority Christians. They locals are very polite, friendly and mellow people.
Traditionally, the main activities are the extensive use of the Lontar palm which they use for everything, from food source to building materials. During the trade winds season (April to November) the island is very dry with little or no rain. The trade winds are very consistent, making every day offshore. Rote is surrounded by pristine white sandy beaches and bays shaded by coconuts trees.
It is compared to Bali 30 YEARS AGO. Rote is a great place to just chill out, surf, sun and swim and be merry.


WINDS: ROTE Island thrives with the TRADE WINDS coming from the east.


ROTE SURF RETREAT  SURFARI: Starting from 6 nights /7 days


HERE is the DEAL: Departs from Bali everyday, Includes: return hotel transfers in Bali, Return Airfares to Timor, All transfers in Kupang and Rote, 1 nights accommodation in Kupang, return fast ferry tickets to Rote, Return transfer to and from harbour in Rote, SURFBOAT TRANSFERS to T-land surfpoint everyday, 1 x surftrip to BOA and 1 x surftrip to SAKUNAMON, 3 MEALS a day,        MORE INFO - send an email to ptworldsurfaris@gmail.com

is located right on Nembrala Beach you can see T-land from the swimming pool and also your veranda. There are 9 Premier bungalows that all face south which allows all rooms to get a nice breeze.   Rooms are fan cooled and have flushing toilet..There is a Seaside/poolside restaurant and outdoor bar and seating area. DVD and television and stereo to watch in restaurant after a full day of surfing.
Surf Retreat is owned by a local surfer and his family. Erasmus has helped develop surfing and tourism on Rote for the past 20 years. Moose gets out for a surf whenever his work load lets him. He is an active member of the local village organization and church. Moose ensures guests are looked after and most guests feel like part of his family by the time they have to depart. 



3 meals are provided everyday, there is a set menu which will be given to you on arrival. Meals are surfers portions, plenty of rice, fish, chicken and if you are game they make a sensational chilli paste.

The food menu varies daily, with a standard breakfast of fruit salad followed by eggs, toast and a pancake, or nasi goreng for those that prefer a more traditional Indonesian breakfast. Lunch is usually a chicken or fish dish with rice and vegetables and a salad. Dinner is usually a similar style of meal with a different meat dish, followed by a simple desert. Vegetarians can be catered for. with a personal menu by arrangement. Servings are generous and customers never complain of going hungry. Meal times are fairly relaxed to accommodate surfing at odd hours. A rolling breakfast starts from 7.00-9.00am(ish), lunch is from midday, and dinner from 6.30 pm. Tea and coffee are available all day. Other snack foods like ice creams, soft drinks, crisps and chocolate are available from the restaurant at reasonable rates.

We provide boat transfer access to T-Land surfpoint to all World Surfaris guests twice a day just let our staff know and they will be happy to escort you (except when take surf trips to BOA). You can walk out to the T-land on low tide it is around a 500 metre walk. Also we provide 1 x surftrips to BOA surfpoint which is a 20 minute drive south of Nembrala. Our vehicle will stand by why you enjoy this right hander. And 1 boat trip to Sakunamon this is north of T-land it needs a big swell, it is a right hander around 60 metres long ride. This turns on in big swells and is unaffected by strong trade winds


T-LAND or Besiaulu which is its local name this is one of the longest waves in the world when it is working. This left hander is very surfer friendly the reef is not so sharp and the wave is more an almond shape. There are 3 take off peaks on the wave. 1 – 3 foot very fun around 150 metre long rides 4 – 6 foot perfect size with correct winds the wave can be up to 400 metres long. With big walls to carve down the line. 6 – 10 foot the wave starts to get a bit more serious, but nothing like G-land this wave is much kinder, there are some barreling sections but it really needs the easterly winds to blow to make the wave tube. Usually T-land is known for its huge endless walls of liquid ecstasy and not to mention the long long paddle back out….Breaks on all tides. The bigger it is the better it gets....  The barrel is Almond shaped although the bigger the waves the more hollower it gets..

BOA: This is a right hand rocky reef (smooth) bottom. Around 100metre long rides. Better on the in coming tide. 1-3 foot wall sucky sections 4 + starts to really barrel (pits galore).

SAKUNAMON this is north of T-land it need a big swell, it is a right hander around 60 metres long ride. You can hire a boat and driver to take you there.

OESELI another left hander this is east of Nembrala needs a big swell (if T-land is over 6 foot) then this place is starting to crank. A 60 metre ride which has a nice tube section. Best on incoming tide. You can hire a driver to get there.
There are more surfpoints around if you are prepared to explore. Our staff will give you the goods on (NDOA Island and DO’O)


Tks cath,yes we got waves everywhere it was great.The waves - we aced an 8 foot swell in the short time we were their.i would just like to thank Micheal for all his help as the way he organised things for us was superb, never a hasstle and always eficient. Well done world surfaris. Garry John 25th October 2011

ROOMS: Premium Losmans
These delightful units are tastefully designed in a fusion of traditional Indonesian and European style, with two beds, two mosquito nets, a fan and an en-suite bathroom featuring a shower and flushing toilet
These wooden huts with there LONTAR PALM ROOFS are traditional style. All rooms are a separate building. Rooms are fan cooled and have mosquito nets, beds are comfortable. Each room has a large veranda with seats to relax. Bathroom is basic with shower and toilet. Rooms are vented therefore keeping them cool.
there is a Doctor on call in Nembrala
the local Indonesia SIMPATI sim card is the best bet. There is a strong signal 24hours a day. Guests can purchase a sim card in Bali or at Rote. Or guests can use the mobile phone at the camp for a small charge.
Bring some Mosquito repellent, as most of the islands in Indonesia there is malaria, although there is hardly any mosquito in the dry season in rote, it’s a good idea to take some precautions at night, we provide mosquito nets. Preventing pills are recommended (consult your doctor).
currently electricity is on from 6pm until 6am and full day on Sundays.
this is a cultural hub a must for first timers happens every Tuesday.
this is the biggest festival in ROTE with horse races, dances and more it is on only once a year in the village of  BONI during JULY. Don’t forget to pick up a Tiilangga a traditional Rote hat.

Ask us for surf boat charters in the area

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