Only five years old,The T-Land Resortis an exclusive and charming hotel. All rooms have sea views, each one with a different decoration and an inspired in Timor style, always respecting the local tradition.

Located in the most coveted place in Nemberala beach, just in front of the main waves, T-Land and The Bommie.Our boats moored on the beach allow a quick access to both of the waves and saving us from wasting time carrying our boards afoot, the most importantafter surfing for several days under the intense sun.

The T-Land Resort is a perfect destination for surfers traveling in couples, with friends or family, but also ideal if you´re traveling alone, as you enjoy a warm family atmosphere, the main feature of our resort.It is hidden among the palm trees of this remote island. It is an exclusive resort designed to accommodate small groups (maximun 16 people) thinking of the comfort, peacefulness and an idyllic tropical setting.

The whole complexis fenced all-round with coral rock assuring privacy and safety without detriment of the sea views.

At all times you will be served by our friendly and hospitable staff, under the direction of a team of western surfers who will offer you a high quality service.




Our Restaurant is situated just on the beach. An open and spaciuos space, with a strong traditional aesthetic value. A natural luxury that you´ll love.Every day our Chef along with our kitchen team prepares a gastronomical healthy offer which mixes foreign influences with the most traditional rotinese cuisine. The kitchen is open to the dining area enhancing our devotion to quality, local produce and correct handling of food. If you have any special dietary request, please let us know when booking.



Right on the shore-line of the beach,8 deluxe rooms make the exclusive accomodation.All bungalows are built following the traditional design of local arquitecture.They are hand-built by artisans of the island using local materials from Rote itself. The bungalow roofs are thatched (local name daun kelapa) resting on coral-rock walls.

Each accomodation is spacious, comfortable and offers the best vieaws of the wave of T-Land, the immense sea and superb landscapes surrounding the resort.

In order to avoid the inconveniences from walking in a tropical climate and into an air-conditioned one,we have designed the rooms in such a way that an ideal indoor temperature is sustained by using the sea breeze and the energy of fans.

The T-Land Resort is a collection of charming rooms with their own distinctive decor. To achieve this we have been inspired by a combinationof Timor Style furniture (antiques) withteak wood first quality. The private bathrooms are outside and the terraces offer magnificent sea views.



  • Each room is identified with its own name that represents one of the most emblematic place of the area and its traditions: Heliana, Oehela, Sasando, Ti'i Langga, Besialu, Batu Termanu, Fiulain, Saku Namo.
  • Spectacular views of sea, lagoon and pool.
  • Bed options: doublé or twin, equipped with mosquito nets.
  • Hot showers.
  • Fixed and mobile fans.
  • Available cot with mosquito net for children under 2 years.
  • Two daily cleaning services.
  • Bath and pool towels available in each room.
  • Amenities such as bath gel, shampoo and conditioner.

If you dream of Paradise, if your search for the perfect wave hasn´t finished yet, in Rote island you will find a world-class set of waves to enjoy with family and friends. Away from crowdsfound in other Indonesian islands, it offers the consistence and quality that makes the indonesian archipelago one of the best surfing spots in the world. Rote receives from March to November consistent South-Southwest swell, coming from South africa towards the South of Australia, during the dry season (winter in the Southern Hemisphere), that is when the Indian Ocean turns into a Factory of waves and dreams. During this season, the winds are off-shore, East-Southeast trade winds. And unlike in other islands in the indonesian archipelago, you will not find jealous locals protecting their waves from visitors. The local population is very friendly and affable, with only a few surfers in the water.

The T-Land (known locally as “Besialu”) is the main Rote´s wave, which gives its names to our resort, located in the village of Nemberala.  It is one of the longest left (600ft-1.200ft) and most perfect waves in Indonesia. Its quality and consistency allows you to surf from 2ft (0,5m) to 15ft (5m).

It has three sections, known as The Peak, The Piramid and The Mountain, allowing different surfing levels.It is often compared with G-Land (Grajagan) in Java,although more accessible and maneuverable. It breaks at all tides.Off-shore wind during dry season. If you want to save long walks under the sun, T-Land Resort offers you the best location for accessing the wave, our boats are locatedjust one step away from your bungalow just in front of the reef channel.


This right peak is about 10 minutes by land South of Nemberala village, with easy access from the beach, but it can also be reached by boat.It is a powerful wave with a fast take off and a good tube section. It breaks at mid tide.It is better with mild wind, very early in the morning or just before the sunset.


Suckies also know as Sucky Mamas or Peanuts (local name Sakunamo), it´s 10 minutes by boat, which is the only Access.Located in Fedok village, north of Nemberala, and barely visible from the coast.It is short, intense and powerful right-wave.In our opinion, it is the best right of the island,very funny wave with good barrels, breaking at mean mid and high tide.You´ll hardly find anybody there.


Do’o is accessed only by boat.It takes about 20 minutes from T-Land Resort.An uninhabited island with a hollow right, breaking off the end of a sharp and shallow coral reef. It breaks at mid tide.Good conditions with onshore wind at T-Land. It is for intermediate and expert surf level.


In the same Nemberala beach, we find a safe and funny wave, perfect for beginners.A right and left wave breaking at half and high tide on reef 100 meters from shore. Another alternative for intermediate surfers when there are big swells





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