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Lembongan Cliff Villas is located at Selambung beach (known as Coconut beach) lying between the valley of Jungutbatu village and Lembongan village.  Choose from One and Two Bedroom Villas and Cliff Suites all set in a tranquil location away from the main accommodation hub of Nusa Lembongan Island.  The Villas are built 7 metres above the white sandy beach overlooking three surfing points on the island:  Playgrounds, Lacerations and Shipwrecks.   

World Surfaris Senior Consultant, Rebecca Blade, visited these cliff villas recently and this is what she had to say, "Hands down my favourite Nusa Lembongan option... Breathtaking panoramic views from the restaurant and the two pools and by far the most private of our accommodation choices"


We offer full serviced packages including Surf Guides and a great selection of Properties to choose from:


Max. 6 persons


Located right in f rom of SHIPWRECKS, offering fan or airconditioned rooms with beachside restaurant and bar. Staff are all family and very freindly. We can provide transfers to other surf points or you can surf straight out the front at Shipwrecks which picks up the most swell.


A great range of accommdation including transfers in Bali, speedboats to Nusa Lembongan, Private surfguiding everyday, Breakfast.

Accommdation: surfcamp, bungalow style, villas, resorts we have all the best options.

Surfguiding in Nusa Lembongan - We can offer a private surfguide that will take you by local boat to all the breaks,

Suitability: Intermediate to Expert it is all reef breaks so punchy and plenty of walls and barrels.. all depending on the swell



SHIPWRECKS: This break is a right hander located directly out the front of the hotel. It is best on mid to high and high going to low…The main take off point is a peak that jacks up in one section. This moves depending on the size of the waves. There is also another takeoff point further in…This wave waves up with great tubing sections and fast walls to race through…the second section is a fun walling wave with also plenty of power… There is also a left-hander that breaks in bigger swell just on the other side of the channel from Playgrounds.
LACERATIONS: This break is located to the left of Shipwrecks around 500 metres…it is a right-hand wave that works best right on the incoming tide, this wave can pick-up from 1 foot to 4 foot within half an hour of the incoming tides arrival….it is a fast takeoff that you will be able to drop sometimes straight into a barrel…and then the wave tapers around the reef where you will get a nice wall that eases up on the outside of the wave. This wave is not so long but great fun. Be careful at low tide or going low tide as coral chunks and steel rods stick up from the reef base (this is a seaweed fishing area with steel rods that have been cemented into the coral) These steel rods are further in from the break so going low tide if you continue riding the wave until it tapers out you might witness some…..
PLAYGROUNDS: This is a left-hand wave, that is a tame wave and can be good fun for all standards of surfer…….This is to the left hand side of Lacerations.
MONTAGE: This only works when the swell north west slightly it can be a heavy, barrelling left hander.
CENINGANS - This is located on Ceningan Island just next to Nusa Lembongan when there is no swell at Nusa lembongan head around here for a fun wave… at 2-4foot.. (not included in day surftrips)
DECEMBER - FEBRUARY - a bit wet but still some good waves and uncrowded surf sessions to be had.


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