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Lombok has basically two seasons - wet and dry. The wet season generally occurs from November through to February, with heavy monsoon rainfall and cloud. During this time it can be quite humid but still hot. The dry season from March to October can still experience rain but is generally fine, clear and hot with average temperatures around 28"C. Around August and September it can also be quite breezy. The best months for good surf are June , July and August.

The national language is Bahasa Indonesia and various dialects are also spoken throughout Indonesia. English is taught as a second language in all schools. English is widely spoken in most tourist areas and generally wherever you travel no matter how remote, someone can be found who speaks English. There is usually no shortage of locals wanting to try out their English skills.

the main religion of Lombok is Muslim although there is also a Hindu population particularly in the tourist areas.

Kuta Beach in Lombok is unrelated to the Balinese namesake and although it is usually the place that most surfers choose to stay, it is nothing like the often crowded Kuta beach in Bali. Kuta beach is a long stretch of brilliant white sands that like many of the Beaches on the south coast of Lombok is phenomenally beautiful and straight out of a tropical dream. Kuta beach Lombok remains quiet and tranquil with some awesome restaurants and incredible scenery where with the slightest walk in any direction leading you into true tropical paradise. The beaches are white with crystal clear water that is flat and calm and protected by offshore reefs that provide fun for the surfers . Kuta beach can also be spelt Kute beach' or Pantai Kute' in case of confusion and here you will find some marvelous rocky outcrops and cliffs that separate the beaches and wonderful hills that are laced with tropical woodlands with breathtaking views.

The surf in the south of Lombok has it all from waves for beginners to some of the best surf in Indonesia. however Kuta is only the base for surfers, to reach the spots a small road or boat journey is in order. It is also possible to hire a surfboard or boogie board although most people choose to bring their own as often the rent boards are in very bad condition, this being said it is still possible to seek out a good one if you know what your looking for or if not, if employ the help of one of our surfguides who does. There are over 17 different surfbreaks that can be accessed from Kuta Beach with waves catering for intermediate to experienced levels of surfers also depending on the wave sizes. Lombok is well renowned as being like Bali was 20 years ago, so if you want to get away from the busy streets of Bali and enjoy some of the best locations for surfing in the world. Lombok should be high up on your Surfing Holiday Destinations list.

LOMBOK SURFARI - has something for everyone

How it works: You will be picked up from your hotel early morning and transferred to the airport for your flights to Lombok. The flight is just 20minutes in Duration. On arrival in Lombok our surfguide will meet you at the airport and transfer you to KUTA BEACH where your accommodation is.. on check in to your room - You will immediately get ready cause you will be going surfing. You will go surfing before and after lunch, everyday you are there except for your first and last day as by the time you get to your accommodation on day 1 will be around midday and on your last day you will have to be at the airport around midday...


Your ROOM: complete with double beds and twin beds,  FREE WIFI,  airconditioning, television, refrigerator, hot and cold water shower.
RESTAURANT: opened from 6.30am until 12.00 midnight
BAR: serves beer and wine and mocktails
SWIMMING POOL: is the centre of social activities.
LOCATION: Right in the heart of Kuta Lombok, with a great variety of restaurants and shops nearbye.. surf shop next door.. perfect
Swimming Pool


INCLUSIONS: Return hotel to airport transfers in Bali and Lombok, Return airfare Bali - Lombok, Accommodation at either of hotels (minimum 2 night)including breakfast, Surftrips: 1st and last day (1 surf trip) all other days 2 surf trips.
SURF SESSION: On the first day you will be met by your surfguide on arrival to set you up with your surfing program for the following day. With surfbreak reports and locations, tide report etc…For the afternoon surf………. EVERYDAY you will have a driver and vehicle and surf guide ready to take you to the best surf location depending on the conditions. All transportation is included (car and boat) as well as the surf guide to show you the way and make sure the locals don't take all the waves… On your last day you will have time for a morning surf before you check out from your room. Store your luggage in reception and then head off for another surf. Before you are transferred back to the airport.. Where you will be met by our rep on arrival into bali and transferred to your hotel


MAWI - Requires at least 2-3 feet to work There are 2 breaks - a long slow left and a very fast hollow right-hander. Both can be easily affected by wind and is best surfed at Mid-tide… Transport: Around 30minutes from Kuta Beach…
MAWUN - Requires a 3 foot wave to break properly 2 breaks - with both left and right hand peaks. Has good protection from the wind. Location is perfection with pristine beaches and natural scenery. Transport: Around 20 minutes from Kuta Beach
AIR GULING - Requires a 2 foot wave to be surfable. Best at 4-6 feet. 2 breaks - a hollow shifty left, best at mid to Hightide a nice right with a fast inside section, best at low to Midtide Has reasonable protection from the wind.
Transport: 20 minutes drive and a 20 minute walk or just 20 minutes by boat from Kuta Beach.
TANJUNG AAN - A left on the west side of the bay, can be O.K. at 3 ft and up, this wave shifts around a lot. Transport: 20 minutes walk around the beach from Kuta Indah or 5 minutes from Novotel.
SIGAR - Best in a small swell 1-3foot. A shorter right peak which can sometimes barrel, although is easily affected by wind. Best at Midtide. Transport: 10 minutes drive or a 25 minute walk
GRUPUK - Has 4 breaks (2 left and 2 right)
Smaller left on the inside east shore
Larger left on the outside east shore with shifts around
A fun right on the western shore which is the best on bigger swell, with a steep take off section that tapers out to a full shoulder. The inside section further inshore is a fun right-hander also.
All have fair wind protection and is best from 3 foot and up, but can be surfed when it is smaller, the most consistent destination as it peaks up the swell easily.
Transport: 25 minutes drive and then a 10 minute boat ride.
EKA's BAY - 2 breaks
Eka's outside works on a big swell of 3-5foot with a nice barrel.
Eka's inside has a nice easy peak and also needs around 2 -3 foot to work. It is a fun wave (good for beginners)
DESERT POINT - This wave is also known as Bangko-Bangko, it has established itself as a top surfing point. It is a full day out as it takes around 2/2.5 hrs to travel to…This Left - Hander has a fast inside section, with a shifty take-off area, it barrels and walls along the reef, a long ride….Best on Mid-tides…
PLEASE NOTE: If you go surfing at Desert Point or Eka’s Bay you will only have time for 1 surftrip in the day as it takes around 3hrs traveling time…

Hi  World Surfaris Bali,
Back from our holiday, thanks for arranging. We had a fabulous time. Highly recomend it. Had a wonderful relax and some good waves even though it was the off season. Michael at world surfaris in Bali was also very helpful also, he organised a trip to Bali safari and marine park which was awsome. He also gave me some good advise on where to buy a new camera as my packed it in in Lombok. Guys doing transfers very good, spoke good english and punctual. The staff  even gave me a camera to use when mine stuffed up then put all my shots on a cd to bring home. Everything about it was excellent we will be going back again. I've filled in questionaire and posted to you, just had to let you know how good it was.
Many thanks
Barbara and Phillip Jones.


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