BOAT TRIP in Nusa Tenggara Timor and Nusa Tenggara Barat

  • “Lombok empty line-ups”, passing by Nusa Lembongan & back to Bali – An easy surf trip that doesn’t require you to spend hours flying as you’ll depart from Bali.  The highlight of this trip includes empty breaks around the southern and eastern coast of Lombok, that are only accessible by boat.


  • “Hidden rights of Sumbawa” – Departing either from Lakey or Bali. Sumbawa is known for its world-class lefts: Lakey Peak, Yo-yos, Scar Reef, etc. After cruising for a while around the island, we discovered more unridden rights than left. We found world-class spots and were always alone in the line-up. Join us!
  • “Sumba waves searcher” – The wild and remote island of Sumba is home to world-class surf spots. Only accessible by boat. Every time we get there, we end up finding new spots. Highlights include Miller’s Right and many other similar spots.
  • Rote, Savu & further eastern islands – On request.


Jiwa Alam was built in 2013/2015 by Philippe Petiniaud , an ex-Olympic and Americas Cup sailor and modern-day adventurer with fifty years experience of sailing in the tropical waters of the world of which forty years in the South Pacific, Indonesia, the Tropical North of Australia and South East Asia.

The boat was built in Tanah Beru in the tip of Celebes.

The hull is made of Iron wood everything else is made of Teak.

Combining traditional construction techniques with contemporary design, Jiwa Alam is built for the waters of the eastern Indonesian archipelago (and the Great Barrier Reef) , allowing access to areas that larger boats can’t; and providing a style and level of comfort that makes cruising on this vessel the experience of a lifetime.

The boat was converted into a boutique boat in 2016 adding all the luxury and design amenities to add comfort with a reasonable price.



The concept of this boat combines comfort, space and simplicity.

When sailing all the year round in coral seas a boat must have a shallow draft, and must be very strong to be able to stand an unscheduled grounding, the shape of the hull must be appropriate also to ground without trouble, Jiwa Alam was made to be able to sail among coral reef so not to miss the most beautiful places and anchorages in Indonesia.

In the tropics the sun is very strong, we have a  cover sundeck with panoramic views to enjoy the sunset and chill in the beam bags or watch the stars in the comfortable outdoor beds.

The boat is a motorsailer to keep on schedule with the chart trips.

One of the main attractions of sailing is to live in a clean and unpolluted environment.

Noise and exhaust fumes are definitely a form of pollution,

Jiwa Alam has its SOLAR POWER SYSTEM which give the guest full electrical power 24 hours on. We also have a noiseless genset to keep the cabins cool at night.


  • Home Port : Serangan Harbour, Bali
  • Design : Single Mast motor cruiser
  • Construction : Teak, Ironwood
  • Crew :  (Captain, engineer and cook/deck hand.
  • Length : 60’(18m)
  • Beam : 17’10’’(5.25 m)
  • Draft : 5’10’’ (1.7 m)
  • Berths: Total 8:

1 Double bed (king size) and 1single folding bed, in the master cabin with air-con

2 double beds (queen size) in the central cabin with air-con.

2 single beds in the front cabin with air-con.

2 single beds in the dog house with air-con.

All cabins have their own bathroom.

  • Bathrooms: 3 Inside (toilet, shower & basin) &1 upper deck (shower & toilet)
  • Engine : Twin X 80Hp Mitsubishi 43D (4 cylinder marinised diesel)
  • Cruising speed : 7 knots
  • Generator : Silent 7 kw
  • Solar Power: 8 panels of 250 watts each 48 V. DC. Two battery banks of 800 amps each and a 4 KW inverter providing 230 v 50Hz AC during the day and also charging the battery banks giving full power 24 hours on.
  • Electricity : 220-240v 50Hz AC
  • Refrigeration : Deep Freeze Sharp 250 liters, Fridge Sanyo 154 l
  • Tender : 15ft (4.5m) Aluminum dinghy with 25hp outboard
  • Communications : SSB & VHF radios
  • Navigation : GPS & Sonar and Radar
  • Safety : Flares, Raft, life jackets, life buoys, fire extinguishers & first aid kit
  • Fuel capacity: 2600 liters
  • Water capacity: 4200 liters


  • Sound system: MP3.Wide choice of modern and Classical music 1.9 Terabytes of selected Movies (about 2000 movies)
  • 1 LED screens on board.
  • Library : a good collection of books is available on board
  • Fishing gear: 2 x trawling lines, various hand lines, tackle (we encourage serious fishermen to bring gear – the crew like to test who’s lures work best!)
  • Snorkeling gear : 8 sets of masks, snorkels & flippers
  • 2 stand up paddle
  • 1 double kayak .
  • Boogie board Surf boards : Can be hired ad additional cost.
  • Get away from the crowds. The Jiwa Alam can take you to all the breaks on Nusa Lembongan, Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Sawu and Rote. Surf legendary waves including Desert Point, Scar Reef, Millers and many more. There are waves to suit all standards of surfing. We have an extensive experience in cruises east of Indoensia and know the breaks. We access surf forecasts to ensure you’re getting to the best surf. We always motor at night to maximize surf time.


Most Popular Surfing Itineraries

  • · Lombok – West Sumbawa
  • · Rote
  • · Rote, Raijua & Sumba
  • Departing from Benoa Harbour in Bali we head straight to Nusa Lembongan to warm up at Shipwrecks, Razors, Lacerations, Playgrounds or if the swell is low, Cennigan. Overnight we cross to Lombok and the famous Desert Point, home of possible the world’s best left. Next you head east to the west coast of Sumbawa and the classic breaks of Scar Reef, Super Suck and Yoyos. These are quality breaks that regularly offer hollow waves. Depending on conditions and the type of surf you want you can also access the many breaks on the south coast of Lombok. Outside Ekas is a consistent option that’s generally empty. The food is delicious and plentiful to keep energy levels up. Don’t expect to loose weight. There’s plenty of time to kick back and relax. If you’re lucky you can score Deserts on the way back. On your last day you generally get a surf on Nusa Lembongan before returning to Benoa Harbour late afternoon and transfer back to your hotel.
  • After a morning flight from Denpasar to Kupang (West Timor), we pick you up from the airport & transfer you straight to the Jiwa Alam. We then set sail for Rote, arriving early next morning. Nembrala is the main break in the area, a long left hander that picks up plenty of swell and holds it as big as it gets. There are numerous lefts and rights on Rote & the nearby islands of Dana, Ndao & Doo, and all offering empty perfection. There are a surprising number of rights that are good morning options before the trades kick in. The rights can also fire during shoulder seasons when winds are more variable. The game fishing is fantastic, with trevally, tuna, mackerel and sailfish often caught. Lobster & squid are brought to us by the local fishermen to barbecue on deck. After your time is up, we travel overnight back to Kupang, transfer to the airport for your flight back to Bali.
  • Visit the best breaks from Rote to Sumba, including the little known islands of Raijua & Savu. We start with a few days surfing around Rote & the nearby islands of Dana, Ndao & Doo. Pristine quality – see shots to your left. The next leg takes us you west to the island of Raijua, or if the swell is up, Sawu, an untouched remote gem waiting to be explored. We then set off across the ocean to Sumba, to surf some of Indonesia’s most remote and powerful waves. The fishing in this area is awesome.Terimbang is a consistent wave and is spectacular when it’s big. Bring a good spear gun for this area. Sumba is one of the last Indo frontiers with many waves just waiting to be surfed. Sumba has a very old and unique culture. Chunky left at Pero, the last break of the trip. When time is up we return to the port of Waikelo on the western tip of Sumba and transfer you to the airport for your flight back to Bali.






Relocation fees (where applicable) –applicable for charters requiring the Jiwa Alam to be relocated to all ports other than the home port of Serangan in Bali, as specified in your itinerary and any additional transportation or harbour fees resulting from the relocation.


Food & Drink

Delicious cuisine. “All you can eat” meals, bottled water & fruit drinks, Barbecue for grilling the days’ catch.

Alcoholic beverages  can be purchased on board in accordance to your pre order.

On Board Equipment

Fishing, snorkeling, sound system and TV screen with extensive choice of films, book library. Surf boards can be hired/purchase.

Books and music, TV screen with a choice of more than 100 films, Guided trips ashore.
Travel Advice

We have expert knowledge of the region. We can help you plan your vacation.

* note : Please note we only take exclusive group booking, we don’t make up numbers to fill the boat.



What’s the Maximum group size?

We are licensed to carry 8 passengers. The Jiwa Alam is designed for small groups of family and / or friends. There are 3 air-con three double bed and five single beds, so we can sleep up to 8 passengers.

What should I bring?

No a lot! Dress on board is very casual, and passengers are advised to dress modestly during village visits. For nature walks, bring several sets of long sleeve, lightweight shirts and long trousers. The tropical sun is intense so be sure to bring a hat, a pair of sunglasses, good sun block-out and tropical strength mosquito repellent. A comfortable pair of shoes for trekking is a must. We also recommend that you bring at least one pair of sport shoes that you won’t mind getting wet for dinghy landings and exploring local reefs, or specially designed reef shoes or booties. Of course bring your swimmers or board shorts.Stand up paddle,Kayak,snorkeling and fishing equipment are provided,  if you are an enthusiast, please feel free to bring you own. Other items you might want to consider include: iPod, still & video camera, books you want to read, a bottle of your favorite duty free spirits. Local beer,wine, and other alcoholic beverages are available by pre order. A small first aid kit is also recommended, along with sufficient supplies of any prescribed medicines you take.We supply fresh linen, towels and soap.

Do I need a visa?

Most nationals are granted  30-days  tourist visa issued and payable upon arrival in Indonesia. Passports must be valid for 6 months after the date of entry. Please contact your nearest Indonesian consulate to confirm visa requirements or visit this site.

Can I go snorkeling ?

Yes. Being home to some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs, there are numerous professional diving schools at various locations we visit, including Lombok and Flores. All equipment and qualified instruction is provided. We can organize all the details.

Can I charge my devices?

Yes. There is 220-240 Volt, 50Hz AC as well as 10-24 Volt DC power sources. We have various adaptors onboard.

Can I do my own Itinerary ?

Definitely. Many of our customers, particularly the surfers, know exactly where they want to go so we just take them there. They work in with our Captain, to find the best waves in any given swell, wind and tide conditions. Some customers often have a special purpose for their trip, such as researching particular flora and fauna in the region, or to see specific places of natural interest, such as the prehistoric Komodo Dragons or Raja Ampat. We can cater to all requirements.

What’s the minimum cruise duration ?

We do not have set durations, it’s up to you. Most cruises are between 6 – 15 day.

Our longest trip was 2 months through the SE, up to North Sulawesi, then North Central and South Maluku, then the whole chain of Lesser Sunda Islands down to Bali. The trip of a life time, absolutely unforgettable.

Two weeks, give you enough time to see many of the fascinating places in the region, and really experience life at sea in the tropics. We also do shorter trips from 1 – 3 nights to fabulous Lembongan island, special occasions such as honeymoons, birthdays, New Year celebrations and so on. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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