With Asu Camp you'll be surfing the perfect Indonesian waves of your dreams, but without the crowds...  And you'll be staying in the only camp on Asu with a view of the wave and the sunset!  Asu Camp is on the northernmost tip of the island, right in front of the action and the beauty of Asu, for the wave and for the sunset, it's the place to be.

Included in your accommodation is access to other surf breaks in our speedboats when conditions are favorable for another spot.  You can be surfing from a selection of 10 different waves in the area. Primarily Asu, out the front door, but we also surf 9 other waves, 5 of which are located in the Hinakos and another 4 on nearby West Nias.  Other than Asu, there are 6 rights and 3 lefts that work in different wind and swell conditions.  Our goal for each day is to surf where it's offshore.

Your stay at Asu Camp includes three delicious meals a day of Indo and western variety, plus plenty of fresh fruit, juice, snacks, water, coffee, and tea. A comfortable bed with top quality spring mattress, fan for each bed, generator electricity 24 hours a day, free laundry service, hot water showers, and satellite internet with wi-fi. 

Organized transport to Asu is also included in your accommodation and starts from the airport on Nias Island. A car and driver will be waiting for you at the airport. The drive across Nias to the western port of Sirombu is approximately 2.5 hours. The speedboat will be waiting for you at the harbor in Sirombu and the crossing to Asu is 30 minutes in good weather conditions.

Asu Island is 1 of 8 small islands in the Hinako Archipelago, 10km west of Nias in North Sumatra, Western Indonesia. There are no roads on Asu, no electricity, and a local population of just 100 people. Come to Asu Camp to experience rural Indonesia, empty lineups with island perfection surf, and perfectly warm equatorial water.

Available for purchase are cold sodas, beers, Surf Yogis zinc, massage, ding repair, souvenirs, Asu Camp shirts, videography and photography.



There are 2 types of accommodations at Asu Camp.  Two private 2 person bungalows and the ‘Big House’ which has 3 rooms and 2 baths.

The Bungalows:

Our 2 private Air Conditioned bungalows boast 12m square terraces facing the surf at Asu.  The rooms are 16m square and accommodate 2 people in single beds or a couple in a double bed, on the highest quality firm spring mattresses, with shelving, fans, and power inside the custom fitted mosquito nets.  There are 2 cabinets with shelves and drawers for storing away your belongings.  The rooms open up wide to the terrace with double French doors.  Each bungalow terrace is equipped with 2 hammocks and 2 rattan lazy chairs for maximum chilling comfort in between surfs.  The spacious 12m square bathrooms are open to a small garden at the back of the bungalow and provide a very airy and fresh, yet private, ‘jungle living’ feeling.  There are flushing toilets and the bathrooms are tiled and adorned with lots of shells collected from the beach at Asu.  The bungalows are equipped with AC and have water coolers for easy access to hydration.  Each bungalow has its own surfboard rack and outside shower.  The bungalows are on piers raised up 1-2m off of the ground, offering exceptional views of the surf out front.  There is a back gate directly to the bathroom and stairs to the front terrace.  These bungalows were designed with years of experience of Asu living, they are simple, yet elegant, modest, yet luxurious.


The Big House:

The Sunrise Room is a spacious room of 25m square that can be set up for a couple or a small family of 3-4 people.  It has an ensuite private bathroom, lots of windows, high peaked ceiling with open air windows to the East that let in lots of sunrise light and give amazing views of the coconut canopy that surrounds Asu Camp.  French doors open towards the surf so that you greet the sea each morning and check the surf from the comfort of your bed.

The Sunset Room is 15m square and accommodates up to 2 people in twin beds or a couple in a double bed.  The bathroom is shared and accessed through the living room.  This room is also equipped with Air Conditioning, the only room in the Big House that has that capability.

The Loft is a spacious 35m square second story space that has the feel of living in a tree house.  The roof of the loft has 4 Nias style ‘windows’ that are actually the roof pushing up to open up a dormer style open air window, which offer a lot of ventilation and sweeping treetop views of the ocean in front and the coconut jungle all around.  There is also a 4m long ‘hammock’ that is cut out of the floor and is hands down the ‘coolest’ place to hang out.  The loft can accommodate 2-3 people in single beds or it can also accommodate a couple in a double bed.  The loft shares the bathroom downstairs that is accessed through the living room.

The Big House also has its own small kitchen with a refrigerator for easy access to cold beers and drinks, a water cooler, and a small round table and 3 chairs.  The 20m squared Living Room in the middle of the house has a small library of books, an abundance of yoga mats, exercise balls and massage rollers, an Indo Board, and space to just hang out.  The front of the Living Room has folding front doors that completely open up the front of the house to the wide terrace and the view of the ocean, offering the best view of the surf at Asu.  The 24m squared terrace is the best place to sit back in a hammock or lazy chair and take in the view, check the surf, or eat the breeze and read a book.



Asu Camp Surf Club Packages for 2019



6 nights/7 days

A week away…



Just have a week to get away?  No problem…we can do that!!


Arrive Nias as early as possible on the first day, car picks you up and you’re out to Asu for lunch and your first afternoon surf session.  5 more full days of surf, double or triple sessions out front at Asu or double session days off the speedboat at other waves if Asu is not working with the right winds.  On the 7th day, get an early surf in or just enjoy a lazy last day and breakfast, catch the boat out at 10 am and get to the last afternoon flight off of Nias at 14:30.



10 nights/11 days

The standard package…



11 days is our most popular package, giving you plenty of time to almost guarantee a solid swell and plenty of pumping days in between.  Come and go as you please.  Maximize your time by leaving in the afternoon on your last day and spending a night on Nias before flying out the next day.  Planning is everything, so don’t forget to look at the full and new moon schedule and make sure that you’re here for one of those, the Indian Ocean loves to turn it on with the peak moon cycles…


14 nights/15 days


21 nights/22 days


28nights/29 days



The extended packages…


Got a little more time on your hands, let’s guarantee some amazing surf with an extended package.  See Asu go through a full moon cycle with this package, watch it work on all tides, how it changes with different swell directions, and see all the faces of Asu in one trip!!  This trip guarantees that you will see a big swell and surf around the neighborhood at several of our 10 surf spots in the area.  Really get into what we call ‘Island Time’ and slow yourself down, feel the peace in this place, and score the barrels you’ve been dreaming about.


14 nights/15 days Lagundry Strike Mission



The Strike is best from here…


Spend 11 nights at Asu Camp and 3 nights down in Lagundry Bay on a strike mission.  Lagundry Bay is one of the best right handers in the world, but if it’s flat or onshore, it can be a real drain.   If it’s flat, the best place to be is with us at Bawa, where it’s twice the size and no frothing crowd.  If it’s onshore down there, then Asu is offshore here!!!  But if the wind comes up strong NW and the swell is pumping from the south, then it’s hard to beat Lagundry Bay for pumping, perfect, right hand mechanical perfection!!!  So, we’ll send you down from Asu Camp to Hash and Family to spend 4 days/3 nights chasing the perfection.  It’s really the best way to deal with the crowd at Lagundry…show up when it’s pumping and bail when it’s over.  We have a few guests that have pioneered this trip with us and they all come back to Asu frothing with joy and thanks for having sent them down into the Bay at the right time.  Because a surf trip is all about being in the right place at the right time, this is our neighborhood, and you’re in good hands with Asu Camp.

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