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Located in the top northern tip of the Island of Sumatra. Just about smack bang on the Equator. The waves on offer here are as picturesque as the beaches. With Warm waters, tropical surroundings and no crowd. This sleepy coastal township has some amazing people and scenerary. Everyone is easy going and so are the waves, with 5 waves within 200metres walk from your accommodation. The Surf House is owned by a local Surfer that knows the best conditions to surf and can give you an update swell report everyday.


About Aceh Surf House

Opened in 2008 by a local surfer with his dreams to surf everyday as well as take care of his family financially.  Surf House is located 100metres from the beach and set on 2000 square metres of land. Currently with 8 fan cooled rooms. Which are clean with western style private toilet and fresh water shower with wash basic and mirror.   Either Double bed or Twin set up and veranda. Town Electricity is good and with wireless internet and communication is superb with the local network suppliers like Simpati and Excell you will always be contactable.

Key Features

RESTAURANT is open air and set up with Television, stereo and Dvd player and also WIRELESS internet and TABLE TENNIS  Meals range from Banana pancakes, super juices to Marlin Steak Barbeques with mash potato.  Restaurant is open from 7am until dinner is finished.


All meals are provided and served with a smile, they are all home made, all meals are made from the freshest local and imported produce. With a SEAFOOD BBQ once a week, Spaghetti, best fishcakes i have tasted, not to mention the local cuisine, curries, fried rice, beancurd. The menu changes everyday and your tastebuds or bellies won't be dissappointed The COFFEE is world class and is imported all over the world so enjoy it while you are here.

There is also a mini supermarket up the road that sells everything from Icecream to energy drinks.

Beer is supposed to be no allowed. But if keep your ears to the ground and you might be suprised.

The Surf

THE SURF: has minimum crowds and user friendly not to mention the walls, tubes time, cutback sections makes fun fun fun for all standards of surfers. For begginners there are some beach breaks and inside reforms.

LEFT – this can be surfed on all tides, it is a long wave that breaks best from 2 to 5 foot. The take off is wally and this wave continues to wall up and barrel. There are 2 take off points there seems to be some wider sets that come through frequently..

PEAK – This is your ultimate A frame peak with a punchy take off and then line yourself up for a barrel. The Left gives you a nice wall to work as well as a barrel. The right is straight into a barrel. Works best mid tides.. the left can be surfed at low tide also.. the right gets a bit sectiony at low tide. Best from 2 to 5 foot.

PINE TREES – This is an ultimate world class right hander that can break up to 200metres long.. although it needs a decent west or south west swell to get it firing. Best on Mid tides. This wave has a couple of take off points and stands up and barrels the whole way… depending on your speed you might be able to get out on the shoulder..but mostly surfers like to be in the pocket..  Best from 4 foot – 8 foot. The take off is friendly and then it stands up and takes you for the ride of your life.

RIGHT no. 3 - a short paddle north of the peak is another Right hander. This wave is best from 2 – 5 foot and is more of a workable wall with the occasional barrel. Fun Fun Fun.  Best on a mid to high tide.

THE BEACHES: Absolutely stunning, with the Syariah Law in Aceh women will have to wear boardshorts and a one piece costume when swimming or surfing and for men absolutely no BUDGIE SMUGGLERS..

Specials Available

Surf Camp

North West
Low Tide


[email protected]


Overseas: +62 81236179686 (also on WhatsApp)

Inside Indonesia081236179686 (also on WhatsApp)

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